Problem Solved.  - So Go Ahead. Because...Grip Happens.
*Stick-On (and *Removable)
Gripping Panels, Made of Flexible, High-Tack, Rubbery Stuff...**.
(**...And you're not.)

1) Peel.   2) Stick.  3) Ride.
Balance. Strength. Confidence.

Set of 3 Grips: (2 Flaps, 1 Seat)
(Includes Tax & Ship in U.S., Int'l a bit sxtra)
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**Less than Your
Medical Insurance Deductible...
A Set of RiderGrips = A Little Insurance Policy... (For Your Priceless Rear End.)

Harmless to Leather, Suede & Wintec Saddles. Fancy that.
**For a Free Small Sample,
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Above: Sarah Fastier on Twiggy -
New Zealand

Stacey Willis -
Owner / Trainer, Mundo Equestrian 
Torquay, Australia

The Facts:
1. One Set of RiderGrips = an 800% Return on Investment... In yourself. Safely Accelerate your riding goals.
2. EZ-On, EZ-Off. Harmless to new or old leather, AND for Suede and Synthetic / Wintec Saddles.
3.  In competition?  Allowed. FEI, USEF, USHJA, USEA, USDF, & Olympics. Enhance and Enchant Your Ride...From anxious and tense to subtle and relaxed.
Pssst... by the way...
Saddle Fit Problems giving your horse

Problem Solved.
RiderGrip® Easy-On/ Easy-Off Fitting Shims.
Stick On Underside of Saddle,
or Top of Saddle Pad: Easy 'Fit' to your Horse's Unique Anatomy.
Happy Horse, Happy You.
"Shift" Stops Happening.
Your Saddle: A Work of Art.
RiderGrips: Invisible.
Your Ride: Simply Better.

Bonus: No Conflict if you're a Sponsored Professional Rider.
RiderGrip CEO Lee Ann Morgan with
Cinco the Wonder Horse
("I wonder what she's doing back there...?" --Cinco)
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